Responsible Investment

As an investor, we can contribute to a better world by taking into account the implications of our investments on people and the environment. Delta Lloyd invests in line with the principles laid down by the UN (UNPRI) and has a clear view of what we do not want to invest in. In the years ahead, we will create social value by further concentrating our investments on themes we consider important and relevant, such as human rights or climate change. 

General principles governing sustainable investment
The general principles governing Delta Lloyd’s investments are enshrined in our Responsible investment policy. We do not invest in companies that violate human rights or are involved in corruption, for instance. Delta Lloyd is affiliated to, and abides by, the norms and guidelines specified by the OECD, the UN Global Compact principles, the Dutch Association of Insurers’ Sustainable Investment Code and UNPRI.

We invest responsibly by integrating environmental, social and governance criteria into our investment decisions.

Sectors and themes
For Delta Lloyd, sustainable investment goes beyond responsible investment alone. We not only strive to minimise any negative impact our activities may have, we also do what we can to make a positive contribution to people, the planet and the public in the sectors and themes that are most relevant to us.

We have formulated a supplementary investment policy for sectors and themes that are particularly important to Delta Lloyd, for example because they have a clear link to our own sustainability goals (climate change and human rights). Or because we invest heavily in them (financial services providers and consumer goods). There are also themes and sectors with a significant (potential) sustainability impact (such as oil and gas, or construction and real estate). We also actively draw public attention to key investment topics by publishing our vision on them. For example, we have clearly formulated our view on investments in Myanmar, and we hold discussions with the companies we invest in to obtain clarity about how they do business.

Within the Responsible Investment pillar, we focus on clear and transparent communication about all our internally and externally managed assets such as equities, bonds, mortgages and taxes. We constantly monitor our policy, adjust it where necessary and listen carefully to what our stakeholders want. We do so with care and attention for the human, environmental and societal aspects of these investments.

For us, responsible investment is about combining the care and attention we apply to investments on behalf of our customers. 
In 2015, we engaged in an open dialogue and exchanged ideas on screening and methodology with various organisations that are committed to sustainable development. Our policy on responsible investment, which we have further tightened and refined, is tested against benchmarks such as the Fair Finance Guide and the benchmark applied by the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO). See guidelines, quality labels and benchmarks.

Investment beliefs